Bubble Bobble 4 Friends – Fan  Art Contest

After the successful worldwide release of Bubble Bobble 4 Friends for Nintendo Switch, the game will be arriving on Sony PlayStation®4 at the end of 2020 as a physical release and as a digital download in the PlayStation Store in America, Europe and Australia. 

To celebrate the upcoming PlayStation®4 release, Taito and ININ Games are holding the „Bubble Bobble 4 Friends Fan Art Contest“.

You can easily participate in the contest by following the entry guidelines and posting an illustration of the „Bubble Bobble“ series drawn by you on Twitter.

The illustrations of winners will be included on the credit screen of „Bubble Bobble 4 Friends“ (tentative name). We’re looking forward to receiving lots of illustrations with your love for the Bubble Bobble series!

Application Requirements

Contest Name: Bubble Bobble 4 Friends Fan Art Contest.
Theme: „Bubble Bobble 4 Friends“ and „Bubble Bobble“ series characters must be part of the artwork.
Image format: Application size: 1920px (width) x 1080px (height) – Please note that only landscape format can be integrated into the game credits.
File Format: JPG
You can submit multiple entries from the same Twitter account, but you can’t submit the same work more than once. Please post only one illustration per tweet.

How to apply:
  • Follow the official Taito account @TaitoCorp on Twitter
  • Post your nickname that can appear on the credit screen (only alpha-numeric characters „A~Z / a~z / 0~9“ are accepted)
  • Add the hashtag #BB4Ffanart to the post.

Since this contest is open to entries from all over the world, nicknames must be written only in (single-byte) alphanumeric characters. If a winner’s nickname uses other characters, or if Taito recognizes the nickname is inappropriate, Taito may ask the winner to change the nickname via a direct message on Twitter. You can not participate via mail, e-mail or bring us directly.

Submission Deadline: Sunday, May 31, 2020, 23:59 (Japan time)

Number of Prize Winners: 10 people. The following prizes will be awarded :

  • Prize 1: The winning artwork and nickname of the winner will be shown in game credits the PlayStation®4 version of „Bubble Bobble 4 Friends“ (tentative name) (Both will also be added to the Nintendo Switch version of Bubble Bobble 4 Friends in a future update and will be included in the game.)
  • Prize 2: Game code for „Bubble Bobble 4 Friends“ for PlayStation®4

Announcement of the winners: Scheduled to be announced around the end of June 2020 on the official Bubble Bobble 4 Friends website from Taito (Japanese), official Bubble Bobble 4 Friends website from ININ (English) and the official Taito account on Twitter (@TaitoCorp).

Selection Method: Prize-winning entries will be judged strictly by judges.

Judges: Taito „Bubble Bobble 4 Friends“ development staff, ININ Games /Strictly Limited Games Sales Staff, Arc System Works Sales Staff

Application Requirements:

  • Entries are limited to those that use characters from the „Bubble Bobble“ series.
  • Entries through undisclosed Twitter accounts will not be considered.
  • If you unfollow the official Taito account (@TaitoCorp) on Twitter before the contest results are announced, your submission is considered revoked and will not participate in the contest anymore.
  • You agree in advance that Taito, ININ Games / Strictly Limited Games, and Arc System Works („Organizers“) may post your entry (including the winning entry) on their website, etc., and use it for free and exclusive promotion and such.
  • We may resize or trim your work when we implement it in the credits of the game, post it on our website, or use it for various promotions.
  • By posting your entry with the hashtag of this contest, you agree that if your entry wins a prize, the organizer may implement the prize winning entry into the in-game credit section of Bubble Bobble 4 Friends (tentative name) and use it free of charge for the purpose of publicity, promotion, and announcement of the judging results of the contest, as well as resizing and trimming.
  • All copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the submitted work shall belong to the applicant who created the work. In addition, the entrant shall be deemed to have agreed not to exercise any moral rights such as the right to display the entrant’s name and the right to retain the identity of the applicant.

About contacting the winners:
If an entry wins a prize, the organizer will announce the winning entry on the official Bubble Bobble 4 Friends website, on the official Taito account on Twitter (@TaitoCorp), and will contact the winner via direct message on Twitter.
Please note that if a prizewinner changes his or her account, close the account, or unfollows the official Taito account (@TaitoCorp) before the announcement of the winning entry or the presentation of the winning entry, the winning entry will be invalid.

– Please observe the following precautions when entering this contest.
– The work which you will post for this contest must be an original, unpublished work of the applicant.
– The work which you will post for this contest must not have been submitted to any other campaign.
– The work which you will post for this contest must not infringe on the intellectual property rights of any third party.
– The entry requirements for this contest are based on the laws of Japan.
– The content of the contest may be changed or cancelled without notice in the event that the organizer deems it necessary.
– In the event that any dispute arises between you and a third party regarding your entry, you shall be responsible for resolving it. The organizer will not be responsible for any disputes that may arise.
Original rules of application (in Japanese)

If any of the following conditions apply or are suspected to apply to any entry, the organizer reserves the right to exclude the entry from the contest without any notice to the entrant, or to cancel the award:
– If the work does not comply with the entry requirements.
– If the work constitutes or is likely to constitute slander or defamation of a third party or an infringement of the privacy of a third party.
– If the work contains a specific individual information.
– When there is a risk of causing harm to the server or system, such as a virus, or the like.
– If there is a violation of public order and morals or laws and regulations, or there is a risk of such.
– If there is anything that interferes with the operation of the contest, or is likely to do so.
– If the applicant is a close relative of the company, a related person, or a judge.
– In the event that the organizer judges that it is contrary to the purpose of the contest.